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Aug 17, 2010

Some very Singlish tips about the 7th month

Credits: Someone who wrote this
How good is your Singlish!?! Understand or not? huh? LOL

1) Dun stay out too late. If there's a need, stay past midnight...

2) Dun step on ashes.. If accidentally step on it, say "Alamak! paiseh la.....dun angrrryyyy l...ehhhh".

3) If some1 call u from behind, turn ur whole body back, instead of just the head if not later sprain ur head then how......

4) If smell funny smell, shout out and say "which ******* manz..better own up hor!"...if not people will mistaken u who fart...

5) Dun let your fringe cover your forehead, later got chiobu u cannot see lah....

6) Dun scold vulgarities at some dark places when u are alone. Scold also scold when there is people around la...dun waste your own breath mah...

7) If a place makes you uncomfortable, keep chanting "Na2 Mo1 Or1 Ni3 Tuo3 Fuo3...first"

8) Avoid going swimming, because now Lunar 7th chiobu one to show off body to...

9) If there's a pair of shoes in the lift, but no one is in it. Check out the brand first, scarly is HERMES...sell liao still got value..

10) If you see anyone praying and blocking your way, just shout "OIEE....SIAMMM LEHH!"

11) Do not talk to strangers on a deserted stretch of case people say "我不想跟你讲话。。。".

Lastly, "人怕鬼三分,鬼怕人七分" Do not be afraid even if u meet this kind of thing. Don't believe to this crap la...i only hear of 不管三七二十一。。。

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