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Aug 16, 2010

Chinatown Hungry Ghost Festival 2010

Birth, Life & Death in Chinatown Tour - $33 per person (includes GST) (All About Chinese Beliefs, Myths and Taboos)

Saturdays & Sundays (14th, 15th, 28th, 29th of Aug & 4th, 5th of Sept), 4.30pm-8.00pm (dinner provided)

This tour provides you with the lowdown on everything you ever wanted to know about Chinese beliefs, myths and taboos. Guides will walk participants through Chinatown to look at interpretations of traditional Chinese beliefs that are part of the life cycles of birth and death. Tour participants will get opportunities to consult the Almanac and have their fortunes told. There will also be real-life demonstrations performed by priests of the Taoist Federation.

We’ll answer some burning questions too, like why it’s not safe to point at the moon, when it’s perfectly alright to not wash your hair and of course, how to have a great prosperous life

Walking With the Good Brothers Tour : The Hungry Ghost Festival Walk

21st Aug (Sat) and 22nd Aug (Sun), 6pm-9.30pm (dinner provided)

21 Aug: $33 per person (includes GST)

22 Aug : $43 per person (includes GST)

Enter the world of deities, spirits and beliefs of the Hungry Ghost Festival. Our guide will take participants through a mystical evening of the Hungry Ghost festivities in Chinatown. Find out which deity acts as the festival’s ‘policeman’, what secrets lie in the ‘Fa Cai Ang Bao’ (prosperous red packet), watch the rituals and be immersed in the loud and electrifying action of the Getai and Auction Dinner*. Walk with the ‘good brothers’ (a euphemism for the spirits) as they ‘walk’ the earth once more.

* Auction dinner is on 22 Aug only.

Hungry Ghost Festival Exhibition

10 Aug – 7 Sep 2010, Kreta Ayer Square, Free Entry

Staged in partnership with the Taoist Federation (Singapore), this month-long exhibition is an indepth look at the mysteries and significance of the Hungry Ghost Festval as it is celebrated in Singapore.

The exhibition area will be divided into four zones, namely introducing Traditional Chinese Festivals, understanding the Hungry Ghost Festival, Folklore and a photographic exhibition of how Hungry Ghost Festival was celebrated in the past. It will also feature rare photographs of Hungry Ghost Festival celebrations in the 70s and 80s by Mr Ronni Pinsler - a renowned heritage photographer and was recently

recognised by National Heritage Board as a Supporter of Heritage for donating over 15,000 images to the National Archives of Singapore.

Through the exhibition, visitors will better understand the significance of traditional Chinese festivals, and how they are celebrated.

Visitors will be able to sneak a peek into the mysterious world of Taoist rituals and skills, and understand the fundamental purposes of conducting such rituals during the Hungry Ghost Festival. There will also be exhibits on display to introduce the practices around the Zhong-Yuan festival, including rare Taoist relics and scriptures. A ritual appreciation and demonstration on 14 August 2010 will also introduce the salvation (chaodu) ritual to the public.

For details and tour reservations, pls contact:

Ms Toh Mei Lian

Marketing and Promotions Executive

Tel: 6372 0478 Eail:

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