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Aug 17, 2010


Time has come again - to celebrate "FRUEHSCHOPPEN" the Austrian way for the 6th time since the first "encounter" with this tradition.
08/08/10 looked to be a very good date to do just that.
and off we went
Everything ready at 3pm just minutes before the arrival of Helmut at 3.08pm to give the set-up a final inspection

Inspection passed and Heinz also arrived- now the party got started and Stefan rushed from the Airport to join in.

with a special delivery of Manner schnitten for Erich and friends.

DAS BEWEIS FOTO! Thank you Helmut,Stefan and Heinz
Manner (mag man eben) Schnitten-Estragon Senf.....for our friends in Singapore who appreciate Austrian quality

Our 3 Austrians are joined by Friedhelm from Germany who is at Erich's Wuerstelstand regularely during his stay in Singapore
PROST MEINE HERREN! and "greetings from Hollywood" to all our friends around the Planet.

The farewell after a nice evening with friends from all over the globe- and until we hit the
at the last sausage kiosk before the equator

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