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Sep 21, 2009

Traditional and Fusion (modern) Mooncakes

Mooncakes are Chinese pastries traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival is for lunar worship and moon watching; moon cakes are regarded as an indispensable delicacy on this occasion.
Mooncakes are offered between friends or on family gatherings while celebrating the festival, one of the three most important Chinese festivals.
Typical mooncakes are round or rectangular pastries, measuring about 10 cm in diameter and 4-5 cm thick. A thick filling usually made from lotus seed paste is surrounded by a relatively thin (2-3 mm) crust and may contain yolks from salted duck eggs.
Mooncakes are rich, heavy, and dense compared with most Western cakes and pastries. They are usually eaten in small wedges accompanied by Chinese tea.
Nowadays many hotel create a variety of "modern" mooncakes which come in many colors and fillings:
White Lotus Paste, Green Tea Lotus Paste, Pandan Lotus Paste
even Durian Paste
very colorful
Still our favorites are the ones from Raffles Hotel with fillings such as:Champagne-Truffles & Chocolate Ganache, Feulletine-Hazelnut with Wafer Crunch Nuts, Baileys Chocolate and Rum & Raisin Chocolate Truffle
Mooncakes with white skin are called Snow - Skin Mooncakes and are really delcious!!

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