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Sep 7, 2009

The F1 Night Race is about to come!

The city is getting ready for the biggest event of the year. Everyone is getting ready for the teams and visitors to "flood" the town. So far it seems less tickets will be sold, but the same happened to other races this year a well. Last year Singapore had 100,000 spectators, this year they expect about 80.000, which is not too bad.
In this economic situation many organisations don't dare to invite their important customers although they need to be convinced to support these companies again. To show the appreciation of their business these people want to be entertained...
The lights are up since a few weeks and the last fences are in the works. Most of the grand stands are ready to seat the F1 fans.
Where now drivers are frustrated waiting in traffic jams to crawl to their destinations, soon race cars will zoom by with 300 kmh.
More experienced since last years successful race, the set up was accomplished more quickly: Singapore is ready for the race!

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