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Sep 21, 2009

Impressions from the Mid Autumn Festival

Beautifully decorated Eu Tong Sen Street

The Festival takes place in the Chinese Garden and Chinatown in Singapore.

Stalls selling all kind of lanterns

Singapore's largest recycled lantern, 5.3m tall, made from 6,000 used mineral water bottles and 2,000 compact discs.

Sweet pomelos
There are also other forms of cultural shows and performances singers, Chinese instrumentalists and others add to the excitement of the Mooncake festival. A huge crowd listening to stage performances in chinatown
This cute little girl is an excellent singer and of course loved by the people

and items such as traditional paper lanterns, decorations and other souvenirs

Erich is very busy every night
but there is always time for a chatt with his regulars

The mid autumn festival is on till October 3

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