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Nov 16, 2008


The lights are on. This year Singapore is celebrating the sweetest Xmas in the tropics.

The celebrations, which mark the 25th anniversary this year, are held from Nov 15 to Jan 2 all around Singapore, the main events however take place from Orchard Road all the way to Marina Bay.
The “Sweet Family” who lives in Christmas Town and runs a Sweet Shop will celebrate this joyous season with visitors and locals on the famous shopping belt which has been transformed into a charming and miraculous candy wonderland with dazzling lights and flickering decorations. The light-up was again conceptualized by Singapore’s singer, song writer and Creative Director Dick Lee and features a landscape decorated with colorful gumdrops, candy cane street lamps, delectable cupcake houses and giant doughnuts.
Besides the "official" decorations shopping malls try to follow suit and set up their own
Shaw Centre

Huge colorful Xmas parcels

Tanglin Mall

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  1. Shop til you drop. That's what every singaporean girl will say. To select my choices, I sometimes visit for new shopping destination ideas.