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Nov 21, 2008

Huge Toxic cloud over India and China

Times are changing, everyone experiences this in one or another way.
Crashing economies, increasing jobless rates and climate changes all over the world. Bad times ahead most would say, however wasn't it our own greed that led to this drastic collapse. Emerging economies (including Pres. Bush's administration) neglecting signs of global warming, belittling UN and other expert reports about economies growing in a pace that would hurt especially our future generations. But who cares we'll be gone anyway by then..........and for now let's make as much money as possible.
Maybe it was about time to get this wake up call, to find some time to breathe and think. Especially our environment will be glad about that slow down in emission production particularly China and India.
Remember how fast Beijing got great results during the Olympics from cutting down the traffic into half?
Check out this frightening report UN report by CNN
I might be late, hopefully not too late to get things back in order.

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