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Sep 29, 2008

Congratulations Singapore GP- Congrats Alonso

I applaud the organizers and all people involved in pulling out the most spectacular F1 Grand Prix ever.
But it was the total package that made visitors praise our Grand Prix. We certainly have a gorgeous skyline around Marina Bay and the bright light bands made it really glow. The organisation was great and perfectly done in such a short period of time since they got the race awarded. The few hick ups and teething problems can be easily solved till next year.
Now they have to make sure this success is not a one night stand but to build brand around the Grand Prix and travel destination Singapore to become a "must see" for F1 enthusiasts and all other travellers in the upcoming years.
Make sure prices and hotel prices in general are fair and you will see a higher occupancy rate. Find solutions for the malls blocked out during road closures, they should not suffer while others are making big bucks.
I received emails from many of my friends from overseas during or right after the race saying that watching the race on TV made them think planning a trip to Singapore soon again.

That's it for the first Singapore Grand Prix and the first night race in Formula One history. See you all next year.

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