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Sep 28, 2008

Erich's busy with TV and News teams shooting background stories

Erich all prepared for Formula One Night Race.
Erich had a busy week not only selling sausages but also giving interviews and posing for photos and cameras for TV and News-teams from all over the world.
However the interview he definitely enjoyed most was for "his" Austrian National TV Station- ORF. He was proud to tell them his success story and even prouder when he heard that this interview will be aired as part of a support story about the host city, right before the start of Singapore's first F1 Grand Prix.

The TV crew was stunned by Erich's professionality during shooting and interview. However for Erich it was already kind of a routine since TV teams show up almost every month.

The other thing the team was pleasantly surprised of was the excellent quality and "home like" taste of sausages, Sauerkraut and bread they usually only get in Austria.

They liked it so much that they almost forgot to return in time to the race course for the Qualifying.
Erich had a big grin in his face when they finally left but promised to return soon.

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