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Oct 2, 2008

Panem et Cricenses- Bread and Circuses

What is wrong with Luca di Montezemolo the Ferrari Boss? Is he a sore loser and therefore blaming the Singapore Grand Prix?
He is calling Singapore well enough for the circus but not for a F1 race course? Well then, no circus is perfect without clowns and your team were the best clowns any circus could wish for.
I also didn't hear any kind of comments the night before after Massa got "pole" and Kimi finished second?? Means the track changed over night into a circus arena only?
But thank god most of the other teams and media including Berni Ecclestone, who are praising Singapore for the great job they did to get this almost perfectly done.
Dear Mr. Montezemolo please bear in mind that your politicians during the reign of the Roman Empire were the one who started this "Panem et Cricenses- Bread and Circuses or Bread and Games" for your people when they sent gladiators into the "colosseum" to fight against themselves and wild lions to keep the folks happy.

Isn't nowadays sport a modern version of the same old and the gladiators are drivers in F1 or similar sports, Roger Federer and Nadal in Tennis and so on and so on? F1-, Tennis-, Ski- Circus that's what these teams travelling around the globe to pursue their respective sports called by media and fans, isn't it?
So what definitely is your problem with our race track? Why do you throw stones sitting in a glasshouse yourself with lousy performances of your engineers that are not even able to operate two buttons (green and red light) correctly? Blame yourself for the mistakes and not race tracks. If your company is a good as you think they are they should do their homework to be best prepared for the races.
Which don't you Sir not blame other courses, they are not flawless as well. We do admit that there is place for improvement, that there are teething problems. We can take criticism and are ready to listen, learn and improve. However we are only taking it from people who can give positive feedback and not just generally criticize.
But maybe Singapore this tiny island somewhere in China (?) or Asia- who knows?- is an easy pick because with only 4.6 million people the market is just too small, too neglect able for the Fiat group. The ratio of inhabitants and Ferrari owners is quite high though.
To all Singapore Ferrari supporters think about it twice if you still want to cheer for a company that belittles our beautiful city state and calls it a circus!! There are better teams worth cheering for out there in “The Formula One Circus“.
On the other hand we may be should thank Montezemolo because as it is being said even a negative press is better than NO press and it makes Singapore more interesting for people to check out.
Next year there will be definitely no Ferrari car on our blog! I know, not that you would care Mr. Montezemolo.
Erich's Pitstop will close till next year's Grand Prix and we want to thank you for stopping and refuelling with us. The Wuerstelstand however is open again. It's business as usuall. Erich and his team will be happy to serve you.

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