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Apr 24, 2008

Exorbitant Hotel Rates During F1 race !

It's a very thin ice Singapore hotels are walking at with their (way) overpriced hotel rates during the Formula One period. Of course they can argue using the demand and supply marketing rule, however hotel managers should make a quick research during the F1 races in Europe who are the majority of visitors.
And I beg to differ and not use Monaco as an example. Singapore is slowly becoming a world class city, no doubt, and to aim becoming like them is probably not bad as well, but Monte Carlo is still light years ahead in terms of being a fun city, night life and glamour.
Check it out how many celebrities do have second (3rd, 4th) homes in or around Monaco on this southern coastline of France! How many are visiting on a regular basis for summer holidays there that includes a visit -to be seen- during the race days. These guys are booking five and six star hotels and don't care about rates.

But think about it, do they come in thousands? Definitely not they are actually a minority.

So who is making the bulk of visitors, the tens of thousands needed? It's the 'ordinary' sports fan! But they do want or cannot afford these hotels, so they stay in Budget Hotels, B&B's, Pensions, etc. and in camper vans or tents around the Grand Prix cities.
This unfortunately is impossible in Singapore because there are no such facilities.

As a result many of that specific group of fans, may give Singapore a miss, maybe not in the first year since it's a new venue and the first F1 night race ever!

Therefore I fully understand the concern about soaring hotel rates by Senior Minister of State (Trade and Industry) S. Iswaran.
This F1 race is not a "One Night Stand" it should become a "long term relationship" for visitors, so the first impression counts most. Don't shy them away being 'Kiasu' and rip them off at their first visit.
Please them, give them more than they expect and receive from other F1 sites. Show Singapore from it's best side ever, on and off the race track, create a memorable impression of our wonderful city state and they will return the following years and spread the positive message among their friends.

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  1. Totslly agree. I'm a Singaporean and am totally ashame of my fellow countrymen's short-sightedness.