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Apr 15, 2008

5000 Visitors and Counting

Today we have a reason to celebrate we reached the 5000 mark! A visitor from Salzburg University was our fifth thousand's! Thank you very much to everyone who's checking out our Wuerstelstand site. I know there will be some bloggers out there laughing because what's 5000 compared to other blogsites getting this every day or even more and it took us almost one year

Never mind we are just a niche blog on the WWW and therefore never expected being so succesful, so it still makes us very proud!

Thank you very much again and keep visiting not only our blog but for the local visitors keep patronizing also erich's ventures, Wuerstelstand, Backstube and Imbiss.

For friends or tourists who unfortunately had to leave Singapore check out the blog and stay informed what's going at the Wuerstelstand, Chinatown Nightmarket, Singapore and the region.

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