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Apr 6, 2008

Drinking Kills Driving Skills

We are a 1000% percent supporter of Mika Häkkinen's and Johnny Walker's campain: Don't drink and drive. See here some statistics why it makes sense:

48% of all accidents are alcohol related. 52% of all accidents are caused by sober drivers.
Alcohol is responsible almost a quarter of the people killed on our roads. With a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.05 the risk of being involved in a crash doubles, with a BAC of 0.08, you are seven times more likely to crash and 25 times more likely with a BAC of 0.15.
Alcohol-related fatal crashes cost the world community billions of dollars a year.
The hospital and rehabilitation costs of alcohol-related crashes where people are seriously injured are even higher.
Alcohol is a major factor in 26 per cent of road deaths.
It doesn't take much to put drivers over the legal alcohol limit of 0.05 and it is well known that drinking before driving increases your chances of crashing.
Intoxicated drivers involved in fatal crashes are three times more likely to have been speeding than sober drivers.
Alcohol affects decision-making, reaction times, speed and distance judgments, concentration and perception, balance and alertness.
It can also give a driver a false sense of confidence which may encourage him or her to take more risks.
Becoming a more global city Singapore is also seeing a growing drinking culture – market intelligence surveys indicate that alcohol consumption in Singapore is on the rise. There is nothing against moderate (!!) drinking per se - it is the irresponsible patrons who choose to take the risk of driving after drinking that calls for tougher action on the part of Traffic Police.
The significant rise in drink-driving arrests is a worrying trend – recording a 7% rise from 3,733 cases in 2006, to 4,009 cases in 2007. The total number of drink-driving cases in 2007 has also been the highest for the last 10 years. This is largely contributed by a 9% increase in the number of drivers who were detected for drink-driving in non-accident cases.
The message is simple - if you are going to drink, plan not to drive. Designate a non-drinking driver, ask someone to collect you, call a cab, take public transport or stay overnight.


  1. where did you get your statistics and evidence? there is no credit to the sources from where you get your information.

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  3. Dear Anonymous. Why don't you identify yourself before you make comments like that! You're only brave when hiding behind anonymity! Bravo coward.
    Who cares if these statistics are not 100% because if just 1 person is killed under the influence it's one to many!!