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Mar 27, 2008

Volkswagen Radio Ad

I've been a frequent listener of Class 95's morning show with Glenn and FD since ever. I like the fresh humor of these most popular DJ's. However it I cannot always agree with some of Glenn's, let's put it this way, "interesting" comments.

But lately I'm getting irritated by this particular Volkswagen Ad, where a guy with a very Germanized ;-) English accent is complaining that it is impossible to get his favorite German sausage in Singapore but (thank god) his VW!!??
What a nonsense, isn't it?

Have these Volkswagen guys really never heard of Erich? Never watched Channel News Asia or Discovery Travel & Living? Or read Straits Times or Today? Or, if they've got a problem with the English language, the Singapore Japanese Community News? Or, at least the German Magazine "Impulse"??

Even President Nathan knows about Erich and awards him with the Enterprise of the Year Award.

Do I really need to continue how often Erich's Wuerstelstand and his Backstube have been featured in TV, News Papers or Magazines, etc since he opened his ventures?

It is really frustrating that the usually smart Germans don't know about Singapore's most famous Wuerstelstand.

Volkswagen Guys: Give us a call and we will introduce you to the best German-Austrian sausages and bread in town and probably in the region!
I hope you do a better research when developing your cars and don't forget to include Erich as a pit-stop in your car navigation systems.
Oh, and by the way the next edition of Lonely Planet will also recommend Erich's sausages and bread. He had a photo shooting yesterday.
Aiyoh, writing this post, just now, the ad came on air again!


  1. i second that. it's one of the many irritating and repetitive ads on class 95 right now. and the speaker's "german" accent is ludicrous at best. glad someone else finds this ad irritating besides me.

  2. Y you are focusing these ads. I think every one just know that they are irritating.