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WS K88
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Mar 12, 2008

How everything got started with Erich's Blog!

Here she is: Kathi "The culprit" It was all her fault that we got started with the Wuerstelstand Blog. When she announced leaving Singapore for a "better" life in Dubai (who says? Not even the guys are better there {?} and difficult to officially get a beer- don't know about her priorities though- and how can you even leave a place that sells the best sausages in the world anyway) we finalized this idea to record all the happenings at Erich's Wuerstelstand, Chinatown, Singapore, Johor and some even say Batam and beyond.
Last week Judith went there and met up with Kathi to celebrate the reunion with a couple of drinks. Nur böse Zungen behaupten die leicht geröteten Gesichter stammen nicht von der Hitze!
We do hope she soon makes her promise come true and finally visits us again to celebrate an even greater reunion at the Wuerstelstand!

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