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Mar 5, 2008

Singapore: Another #1 Ranking: Best Place To Live In The World

Lately Asian expatriates have ranked Singapore as the best place to live in the world for its safe and clean environment. Sydney was rated second in the survey, with the third spot shared by Melbourne and Kobe in Japan.
ECA International, a human resource consultancy for multinationals, said the island-state, Southeast Asia's most advanced economy, was ranked above the other cities also because it offered Asian expatriates a similar feel to their home countries.It says Singapore's solid infrastructure, low crime rate and clean air made it a favorable place to live.The annual survey is based on categories such as climate, air quality, health services, housing, political tensions and personal safety.

Singapore’s long-running regional competitor Hong Kong as a location for banking and financial services came in at 15th place with the territory's air pollution cited as a drawback.
Shanghai was seen as the best place for top Asian professionals Among Chinese cities while Xian ranked as the worst location which compared living standards in 254 locations worldwide. Beijing, host of the 2008 Olympic Games in August, scored worse than other Chinese cities such as Nanjing and Tianjin as a result of its notorious air pollution.

It’s definitely great news for all responsible institutions in Singapore however they also have to be careful since the ranking is also moving upwards in a category which you definitely don’t want to be ranked as a No.1: Cost of living!! Here the trend is unfortunately also shooting steeply upwards.

Top 10 list for Asian expatriates to live in:
1. Singapore
2. Sydney
3. Melbourne/ Kobe, Japan
5. Copenhagen, Denmark
6. Canberra, Australia
7. Vancouver, Canada
8. Wellington, New Zealand
9. Yokohama, Japan
10. Dublin, Ireland

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