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Jul 27, 2007

Vibrant Chinatown

Last night on my way to Erich I took the long route and strolled around Chinatown to see if new shops have opened or existing ones did some refurbishing or upgrading. I have to say it’s always a pleasure to walk past shops and food stall and even after knowing this place for some years already it’s still exiting to walk Chinatown. Quite a lot has changed since. The most obvious and positive change to me is that shop owners or sellers are not as aggressive anymore in selling their products especially to foreigners as they used to be.
Sometimes their power selling was very annoying and I was rather turned off than interested in looking closer at their stuff.
Well, some of you might still experience some pressure stepping into one of the shops, they still have to make money, but its lot more relaxed than before.

Sometimes it surprises me when I hear at Erich’s that some of the “ang moh” having lived in Singapore for years just recently discovered Chinatown. Guys, where have you been hiding and some of you probably even complaining about how boring Singapore is? Get out of your houses and take a walk, explore the Lion City.
Chinatown would be a good start. Or see other vibrant places (Little India, Arab Street, Bugis Village, etc.) besides Orchard Road. Not to mention the National Parks and trails.

Chinatown, this cultural heart of Singapore with its rich history, with Food Street and Night Market, is changing its face a few times a year for different festivals with the biggest event the “Chinese New Year” of course.
But soon (in September) the moon cake and lantern festival will be on.
We will keep you updated about future events or you can check out yourself on the CHINATOWN SINGAPORE Website where you will find very useful information.

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