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WS K88
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Jul 26, 2007


The other day a very suspicious parcel was delivered to Erich. No postal code, yet it reached the addressee! Hail to the Singapore post or was it
Erich’s celebrity status?
Trying to find out about the content he cautiously shook it hearing a chuggling noise. He thought about the strict regulations nowadays (no more than 100ml liquids are allowed) and it was sent by air...................
But then after inspecting the sender and the customs declaration (1 bottle+ 1 glass) it popped into his mind. A couple of weeks ago a German historian was visiting the Wuerstelstand. This "Dr. Helge" loved the place and the Erdinger Bier so much that he announced to send an original "Koelsch" (Special Beer from Cologne) and so it was.
Dr. Helge also added a very nice note:
Hallo Erich. Schoene Gruesse und Aalaf aus Koeln. Ich erinnere mich immer wieder gerne and den schoenen Abend am 5 Mai 2007.Wie versprochen hier mal ein ganz mildes Koelsch zum probieren. Alles Gute
Judith, Harald and Erich have to make the most difficult decision who will have the honor to enjoy the beer (just a sip each) because the 3 of them met the guy that night and want to say:
Thank you Dr. Helge and hope you’ll soon be back in Singapore.

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