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WS K88
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Jul 7, 2007

Erich's Bread (is) Talk of the town

Erich's getting everything in order again. His construction is almost completed. A few make up details are left only to be finished. The Wuerstelstand takes a new shape.
Erich now got time to add new items to his menu at the Backstube just round the corner. Besides the already famous (and often sold out) Muffins and Onion Buns different types of bread are ready for tasting:
Since Erich and his baker are processing the best raw materials and natural ingredients this bread is probably not only the most delicious bread but also the most inexpensive in town:
Multi Grain Bread (ca. 750g) 4.90
Dark Rye Bread (ca. 910g) 6.40
Country Bread (ca. 450g) 3.90

You gotta stop by and try out yourself. These new items are just a start. More in the oven to come.
If you want to be sure its not sold out, just make a phone order: 6224 4420
Open from 10am - 8pm daily

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