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WS K88
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Jun 8, 2007

The secret is out! The blinds are up again

Stanley Chiew has moved
his "Natural & Healthy Juice Bar" to the other side of Erich and occupies 2 joint stalls now.

The healthy drink boss has opened a window towards the Wuerstelstand to better serve Erich’s customers.

If you haven't done so it's a 'must' to try some of the refreshing juices. Made from organically-grown species, the drinks do make a refreshing difference.
These fruity drinks are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Rich in vitamin C and E they raise resistance and fight infection. They are excellent energy boosters after walking around Chinatown Night market!


  1. Congratulations on your blog!
    Only knew of it from another website :)

  2. Forgot to add. You might want to watermark your photos, there are some free programs to do that like 'picture-shark' etc. check out Tucows website. Cheers! :D gonna go buy those muffins yum

  3. If nobody leaves a comment- somebody will. I really found Erich's blog online presents overdue since long. Glad to see it after I've got the link while my last visit at the Würstelstand few days ago.
    Wish one day I can join with the sun in my bag since it always rains when I'm there.
    Cheers and Servus, Peer :)