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Jun 6, 2007

! ! 300 BLOG VISITORS !!

Thank you very much for visiting our Wuerstelstand Blog. We are very proud that yesterday evening (a visitor from Singapore) has checked out our blog and brought it up to 300 visits within one month only !
Well, I know some would say "only 300" because other blogs are getting a much higher frequency in visits, however:

- Wuerstelstand is still a young and rather small community

- Our visitors are a distinguished group of hard working people which doesn't find the time for frequent visits and are not really the 'die hard blogger kids'

- We are a so called niche market

- We are not a sex blog (.....ok, besides one tiny photo probably- which has been censored anyway- apologies for that)

Therefore 300 bloggers have exceeded our expectations.

We promise to continue, to improve and make it attractive to "outsiders" as well.
Everyone is invited and welcome to contribute to this blog by sending in ideas, photos or complete posts.

Last but not least please keep patronizing and enjoying Erich's Wuerstelstand and Imbiss-& Backstube.

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