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WS K88
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Jun 1, 2007

3. Int. Frühschoppen (morning pint)

On Vesak day we held our 3rd Int. Frühschoppen at Erich's. Whenever Helmut comes to Singapore for a project he brings Austrian "Speck"(Ham) for a Frühschoppen brunch.

Very messy and noisy around Erich's now due to the construction site behind him. Sometimes it's so loud that we can't even hear Reinhard Fendrichs" We are from Austria" or other oldies from Erich's Jukebox.

King Harald ("Steirermens are very good") cutting the ham
Even Erich took some time to taste the delicoius Speck

Also supposed to be on the photo but misssing in action are Herbert and Judith. Rumors have it that Judith was 'nursing' him with camomile tea after last nights company dinner. But they said it was actually because he get's kind of sea sick at high elevations (he dined at the Equinox- level 70!!) and not of some bad drinks. ...whatever!

The huge crowd in Chinatown on Vesak Day reached the same volume as during Chinese New Year. Erich's bread was sold out before sunset and girls (5 that day) in the Backstube were busy baking new stuff to satisfy hungry devotees after praying in the temple.

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