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Feb 12, 2013

CHINESE NEW YEAR Festival 2013 part 2

now it goes towards the highlight of the festival and that's the eve of Chinese New Year.
As the days progressed,the crowds got larger and the rain got heavier- temperatures kept below 30C for most of the day.
At night never than less the people had to come to Chinatown and enjoy them self .
and of course must have a Sausage or LKW from Erich's Wuerstelstand- no CNY festival is complete without it :)

 ready to go for the night- lets see when we are sold out
 Recap to the afternoon
 The "Muffin Girls" say hallo
 Hong Boa everywhere
 Helen having a blast and the next foto is the reason why she is so exited
 Lovely couple
 Prost,Prost - we drink while we wait

still busy
 still Pomelos to sell
 Yes that's how its done
 Gideon and Elle where a great help this year-thanks guys
 and we keep on grilling until nothing left in the fridge- target time 2.00am
 and the crowd come in
 and on it goes

 She is a lucky girl and she know it - she is the last customer for the 2013 CNY Festival at Erich's Wuerstelstand
Dude - what happen? could not make a decision and now we are late,there are no Sausages no more,and we got to wait another year
Thanks Guys see you next year :)

Target time missed by 8min- and there is not a single Sausage left

Thanks to everyone who made another great CNY Festival happen- we may do it all over again next year

 They don't look exhausted,they get already used to it- Thanks to all of you
To all the friends of Erich's Wuerstelstand

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