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Feb 12, 2013


From 19.January to 9.February 2013 the Chinese New Year Festival (in short CNY Festival) was held in Chinatown-Singapore. A midst the many traditional Stall Erich's Wuerstelstand was again,for the 9th time in history a magnet for reveelers who dived into the festive atmosphare in this historical part of Singapore.
The grand light up ceremony was concluded with a splendid fireworks display above the heads of the 10 of thousands who floked here to join in the celebration.
The year of the Snake is very auspicious and need a lot of water- hence it rained for the greater part of the festival,but it could not dampen the festive mood.

The happy Snake apeared on South Bridge Road and smiled at everyone

 Festive Flower display
 Pineapples are a must
 The Girls declare their love to Chinatown..
 Visitors found what they where looking for
 A bright and sunny morning
 Ist's the time of the year when all the Schools and Pre-Schools make a field trip to Chinatown
Part of New Bridge Road

 Temple Street ready for the Tents
 Smith Street ready to go
 Light everywhere

 Pomelo vendor setting up stall
 Still business as usual

 ......Of course I do - it's the 9th edition

Lion Dance Group from Malaysia
 Hard at study
 A group foto with the "Sausageman"
 Ready for the Nightly Entertenment
 Pritty Flowers everywhere
 Entrance of the Chinatown Visitor Centre
 Early morning calm
 Food Street is covered to protect from Weather
Delivery in progress

 Still quiet...but comes the crowed
 Asemble time and briefing

 "we rule the street"

 The BTRT all decked out for the celebrations
 Mandarin oranges for good luck

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