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WS K88
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Nov 1, 2011


You survived  seven years which none of your neighbor stalls in Chinatown (except Stanley of course) thought you will. When you started out many of the shop owners there were belittleing your Wuerstelstand concept but you proofed them all wrong and most of the time you did better than they did during the ups and downs of SARS, H1N1, economic downturn and so on. And this caused  much jealousy once in a while. But you continued to your way and reinvented yourself a few times.
I want to wish you many more great years to come!
Your friend Frank N. Furter

Here is a retrospective of only the last 4 years (that's when we started the blog).

1st anniversary for the blog but actually Erich's Third.
 4th anniversary
5 years
6th anniversary
Tomorrow we will see the Seventh Anniversary bash.
Happy Anniversary Erich and Helen.

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