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Nov 5, 2011

Fun and excitement on a Singapore Flyer ride!

Since February 14, 2008 the Singapore Flyer spins it’s giant wheel.

It is not only the world’s tallest ferries wheel but it also allows the most spectacular views over the Marina Bay Area all the way to Changi Airport, Sentosa Island and to the South many of the Indonesian Islands. No where else in the world your are able to experience this combination of city and nature views within a radius of about 45km (28 miles) depending on the .

If you can’t imagine the hight of 165 meters (542 ft) just think of a 42 story building.

You will be flying in one of the 28 capsules which are the size of a city bus and can carry 28 passengers each.

The Singapore Flyer rotates smoothly nonstop. To board the capsule you’ll use the “step on platform” and walk straight into it.
Your ride (one rotation) is about 32 minutes. 

It is really an amazing experience. But it doesn’t have to stop here. To make this ride an even better experience the guys from the Singapore Flyer have added some really fantastic variations to it which they call “The journey of Dreams”

You could enjoy The World’s First Full Butler Sky Dining (click the head lines for the links)

or as Erich and Helen did on Austria’s National Day, the
“1 for 1 Singapore Sling Flight” 

Don’t miss out on this ‘sweet’ deal. Purchase your tickets directly from any of the Singapore Flyer ticketing booths and enjoy that 1 for 1 promotion which ends December 31!

You can celebrate a birthday, propose or even get married on the Flyer or organize corporate events there.
Management and staff will be able to fulfill most of your desires.

More photos from Erich’s flight.

Come Christmas time you have to see Singapore’s tallest Christmas tree and the fantasy Toy-land with toy soldiers, teddy bears, gingerbread man, Christmas jingles, bubbles and fairy lights, built around the Flyer’s award winning rain forest.

   As you can see this ride is not just a ride or flight, this is a totally exciting and amazing experience you can enjoy with affordable prices.
Once you completed your flight it doesn’t have to stop here. Enjoy the many fun-filled activities around the Flyer terminal such as the Flight Experience, Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa a relaxing experience. Or visit the retail shops and restaurants which round up your flyer experience.

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