WS K88

WS K88
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Nov 29, 2010

Port of Call - Singapore

The Italian registered Cruise liner AIDAaura with mostly German passenger on board is calling on Singapore port every 14 day till April 2011.

Operated by AIDA CRUISES the ship is since 2003 in service and was built in Germany.

for more details pls visit the

Official AIDAaura website

Sunday Nov. 28th 2010- Singapore

Group no.6 arrive at Erich's Wuerstelstand in Chinatown

...and guess who is the guide? No other than Gudrun
Shortly thereafter the bicycle land tour with the scout drop by at Erich's with a momento to manifest the presence of AIDAaura

and the young lady make sure the passanger are taken well care off during the "land ausflug"
Thanks for visiting and c.u. in 2weeks

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