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WS K88
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Nov 28, 2010

Advent at the Wuerstelstand

Being a tradition ,friends of Erich's Wuerstelstand celebrated the 1st Advent with "Feuerzangen Bowle"
Prepared to perfection by chief alchemist Dr.Claus the evening was a great sucsess and the bottles of wine used where never counted and it really did not matter as everyone had a good time.
Merry Christmas to all we know but where not able to be here
the bowle was drunk on behalf of you

Judith is in charge to make the backdrop (..and drop it did)
No need to hide behind this master piece and everyone confirmed it

Herbert,that foto is for you a a promise

Claus at work with Mr. TO providing the QC and Judith relaxing after the writing

Inspection of the sugar loaf for the perfect burning and taste of the bowle.

its working,its working soon we get to the main attraction

A toast to all our friends aroud the world. We made it and got the perfect hot drink in this tropical cimate.

The best part is the caramel is'n it?

The proof- it was a sucess and no leftover-sneak peak in our zauberer's kitchen
Thank you
and see you all on the 1st Advent in 2011

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