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Aug 11, 2009

The Hungry Ghost Festival is the next big event in Chinatown

Each year during the seventh lunar month is the time of the year when literally all hell breaks lose as the gates of hell will open to let out the 'hungry ghosts' to earth , which usually is between August to September. This traditional festival from China, the Hungry Ghost Month 2009 will be on from 20 Aug to 18 Sept.
To appease the wandering spirits the Chinese will offer prayers to the deceased, burn joss sticks, paper money and offer food. There will even be entertainment for the spirits during the festival. It is common to see wayang (Chinese Opera) or getai (mini concerts) performances being held during this period. Generally held at night, it is believed that these loud affairs attract and entertain the spirits. After the celebrations are over, the ghosts will return back to where they come from after a month of 'merry-making'.
If you want to learn more about these Hungry Ghost festivities join a guided tour (organized by the Chinatown Business Association) on two of the highlight days, 31 Aug and 1 Sept), to unravel the mysteries behind this bizarre festival."

Chinatown Hungry Ghost Festival Tour -
31 Aug 09 (Mon) & 1 Sept 09 (Tue)
6.30 pm – 10pm
(An in-depth guided tour of the Hungry Ghost Festival in Chinatown)

>Watch the rituals
>Learn about the practices
>Experience a 7th month auction
>Catch the 'Ge Tai' in action

Price: August 31: $30 per pax <> September 1: $ 50 /pax
inclusive of
- Dinner
- Ge Tai seating
- And exclusive access into festival site
Tour itinerary on 31 August (Mon)
- Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum
- Hungry Ghost Festival Site
- Prayer Walk
- Dinner at Food Street
- Ge Tai

Tour itinerary on 1 September (Tues)
- Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum
- Hungry Ghost Festival Site
- Funeral Paraphernalia
- Ge Tai
- Dinner at Festival Site

How to Book?
Contact the Chinatown Business Association (Jennifer or Jonel)
- Tel: 63720478
- Email: or
- Book by: 26 Aug 09

Meeting Point
Main entrance of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (facing South Bridge Road).
Registration opens at 5.30pm and closes at 6.15pm

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