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Aug 29, 2009

About: "A Month Of Hungry Ghosts" Movie

BEST FILM Nomination - Singapore International Film Festival 2009< " CRITIC'S RECOMMENDATION! - Wanbao, Chinese Evening Paper
"Captivating! A great eye-opener. Very fresh, very cool... great touch." -

The Straits Times"Fascinating... a fresh perspective... the film delivers." - John Lui, Straits Times

"A scary and funny adventure! Very bold and insightful."
"Rewards the audience with a mysterious and educational journey." - Eista Lee, Zaobao

"A lively, humorous and expansive exploratory tour."
"You will leave intrigued... and more than a little spooked." - Whang Yee-Ling, 8 Days

"Fascinating... superb educational value..." - A Nutshell Review, Twitch Film
"Fast and furious... the importance of this film is not to be dismissed." - Koh Sian Eng, Cinema Onlinethe adventure of the seventh month:">

A MONTH OF HUNGRY GHOSTS is a 99-minute supernatural adventure across the spanning 30 days of the seventh lunar month. You have NEVER before seen the Hungry Ghost Festival presented quite like it is in this film. You WILL see it in a different light upon viewing the film. If you are an expat visiting or living in ... you simply MUST see this film and experience A MONTH OF HUNGRY GHOSTS firsthand. Interested in Asian culture, religion, the supernatural, superstitions, ghosts?

Movie Screening: 29th & 30th August at 8 pm (Free entrance)
Venue: Chinatown Ge Tai Stage Open Field along Spring Street beside the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple’s Carpark

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