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Jun 7, 2009

More than 4000 queued for Singapore Idol casting

Singapore Idol has opened its door again. Since yesterday morning after a 2 1/2 year hiatus the Idol franchise is back. Many of Singapore's "great" talents started queueing as early as Friday evening and went without sleep the entire night to be the first ones to storm the auditions at the Cathay Cineplex in morning.
Double the number of participants compared to 2006 were here to become the next Singapore Idol. What can we expect of the new batch? I do hope there are more and better talents among them because last time it was only a handful we were able to listen to without getting a serious headache.
A lot of the new idol wannabes are from the age group 16- 18 years which could be quite interesting. Some gave it another shot after failing to get the cut last time. This season the weather god seems to be a fan of S'pore Idol and kept his flood gates closed. Some might have remembered the torrential rains they had to endure in 2006 while waiting during the night.
Gurmit Singh, Singapore's "Ryan Seacrest" (Ryan pls forgive me) can't wait to welcome the "new arrivals".
Cheering them up and shooting some videos for the new season.

Gurmit a Media Corp veteran meeting the contestants for the first time.
This group is glad having passed registration already. Excited and ready to show their talent anytime soon.
Hady Mirza Singapore Idol 2006 was spotted among the crowd as well. He signed autographs and posed for photos.
Hady also gave advise to some (good looking) idol hopefuls
Media Corp TV teams interviewing idol hopefuls
Will we see him again as a contestant or just as the funny guy with the 2 umbrellas
Is this the first live interview with the next Idol?
Tired after a long wait but ready to perform.
Let's hope he doesn't miss his turn
Well, if she can sing as well it might be considered as "the whole package" the judges will be looking for.
Idol 2009 premieres right after the National Day Parade on August 9 on Channel 5.

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  1. lols, si wont be that great this year ! -.- As they were said, they're not taking anymore good malays.