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Jun 11, 2009

The Great Singapore PC Sale

Don't get me wrong I didn't take the wrong turn ending up at OT in Orchard. I definitely went to Suntec Exhibition Centre to check out the latest gadgets in the IT market and to my (and others) surprise I bumped into this. Seems like desperate marketing tricks to lure shoppers into their booths, an idea copied from cars car shows where "sex sells" is very common.
The PC Show opened its doors today 12 noon (till Sunday 14) for the 19th time making it the longest running PC show in town. Despite the slowing economy everyone was optimistic for the show.
Before the doors opened thousands were already queueing and couldn't wait to see the bargains IT companies had to offer.
All the major phone service providers also took up a lot of space with their booths.
More than 1.1 million visitors are expected to check out the best deals in the next 4 days and the cash registers should at least collect the SGD 51.7 million they did last year!
Singtel takes a different marketing approach with these guys promoting the Red Hot Sale compared to the company selling peripherals
Canon with its usual big booth promoting their printers and the EOS 500D their latest DSLR camera besides all other great products in their line.
The Suntec car park had the FULL sign already out before the show officially opened. So it is the best to park somewhere around Suntec or just take public transport to get there.
Imagine if Erich has sets a temporary kiosk up and sells only to half of the visitors one sausage that would be 500,000 in 4 days! Shopping makes hungry, isn't it?

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