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May 31, 2009

German Market Place

The other day I wanted to see how Erich's bread is accepted at the German Market place. When I went there around lunch time the shelf was almost empty, 2 loaves of bread and some Dinkelspitz where left. I was told bey the shop owner:
If you want to see the full variety of Erich's bread make sure you're here by 9:30 because an hour later you might only see some pieces left on the shelf.
To make sure to get some shots of his bread I went there at 9:15 am next day and ran into the delivery guy, just in time......

To make sure the bread of your choice is available you can also pre order over the phone.
Give them a buzz at 6466 4044
Open times: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm
609 Bukit Timah Road
Bus Lines: 74, 151, 170, 171, 174

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