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May 3, 2009

7-steps To Wash Your Hands

Can you believe it? We needed the swine flu to learn how to wash our hands! There is no doubt about the importance of proper hygiene...but not only when there is the thread of a pandemic on our globe. Shouldn't we always conduct good hygiene? Like....daily? I consider this a tragedy that adult people need a step by step instruction how to wash hands! That's the responsibility of parents to teach kids and later in Kindergarten or Primary Schools there should be a continuation of this process.
Do Singaporeans really need to win a car and other prizes to start thinking about washing their hands correctly?
I do think it should be common sense and interest for everyone to do their best in a situation like that! 

Oh and did I mention one hospital will be on the spy during hand washing demonstrations held at its atrium on weekdays and lucky draw coupons will be given to those spotted washing their hands. But it has to be done the right way. That is using the 7-step hand washing technique. 
These demonstrations will even be brought to locations outside the hospital. Videos showing the hand washing technique are available on YouTube as well.
In my humble opinion this is a very sad state of a country that experienced SARS only a couple of years ago and still doesn't know how to conduct a proper daily hygiene.

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