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Mar 18, 2009

Latest TV appointment: Korean TV

As I mentioned in a previous post with regards to TV teams interested in shooting at Erich's it happened the other day. The Korean director a very nice and polite man was asking everyone at the kisok for permission to shoot, which actually never happened before and I've seen quite a few teams there.
Any way it was a very seious shooting with a light crew, sound engineer and the director asking the camera man to move around to different positions. Erich is already a pro (after so many shootings and interviews) so he sometimes tells the camera man which is the best postition for him.
For us it was a fun evening answering their queations about Erich. They TV director promised to send us a DVD once it was broadcasted in Korean TV in June and then I will post the video.
What was that on the chair? A Korean pet? No worries animal righests, it's just a wind cover for the mic.

At the end of the shooting Erich even had to sign release forms and other stuff, a really very serious thing.

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