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Mar 7, 2009

Full success for ERDOMO stimulus package

The ERDOMO stimulus for Chinatown's economy seemed to have fully kicked in. A bit more people than usual showed up. Erich was sold out early that night as was the Thai shop with Erdinger.
However not all of the success can be claimed by the ERDOMO guys. It was a coincidence that the same night a big group of Austrian tourists and another party of Germans were there the same time.
Anyway it doesn't really matter who is stimulating the economy, we have to be happy that still tourists arrive and spend.
For Erich however it was kind of stressful to run out of some sorts of bread and sausages early that night, but that's the risk of his business, it's always hard to calculate how many people stop by at his Wuerstelstand so sometimes he sells out to early and sometimes he ends up with oversupply.

No pictures were taken because the generous spenders wanted to stay anonymous, which of course we do respect.

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