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Jun 16, 2008

The Heat Is On!

If you had asked the soccer fans before the start of the Euro 2008 it would have been a no-brainer to predict a German win over Austria. However that one bad result against Croatia changed a lot.
Reading German news papers shows a sign of nervousness within the team. Older players are accusing younger ones having been complacent, hanging around the pool and having fun the day after their defeat, and so on.
But reading the German "BILD" as well as the new Austrian newspaper "Oesterreich" makes me vomit. These 2 are a perfect match! I am sick of this kind of verbal abuses. Bild and Oesterreich are writing about the upcoming match as if we are going into a war!
And to me it proves again that the level of soccer is one of the lowest in sports, where no responsible parents should actually send young kids to watch. They only can learn vulgarities and brutal behaviour (from Hooligans) there. Sorry guys!
Please mind it is just sport, it should be entertaining, a fun afternoon or evening!!
IT IS NOT A WAR between countries or teams!!!
I can't think of any other sport where fans behave like these soccer fans! It is embarrassing that even many educated fans fall into this trap.
Let's hope the best and the highly paid players use their brains and concentrate on soccer and nothing but soccer to entertain us and may the best team (that day and match) win!
And let us shake hands after the match, sip a beer together, after all we are civilized neighbours, aren't we?
Check out the following funny video clip (in German only) and don't hesitate laugh about it:

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