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Jun 9, 2008

Euro 2008: The race is on

Millions of soccer fans are hogging their TV sets the next few weeks to find out if their favorites will be crowned Euro Soccer Champion 2008. Hopefully for their spouses there is a second TV set in their home......
Unfortunately the play times don't fit into our Singapore timezone at all.
To take the wind out of your sails: We know Austrians soccer sucks, but there are so many other great teams to watch an to cheer for, so it's fine with us. Soccer is not our cup of tea and the pool to pick a good soccer team is just not big enough. However we've got world class sportsmen and women in other sports where some nations only can dream of. So let's put it that way "God is just"
Anyway we want to wish all participating teams good luck! (and a better referee as we had last night! ....just kidding)

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