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WS K88
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May 21, 2008

The King Is Back In Town

Dear friends and all the others familiar with our "King of Chinatown".

KING HARALD is back in town!........and residing again at the WS!

Anyone who needs advice or consultation can immediately submit the application form for 'his excellencies' audiences at Erich's. Please mind the king is leaving already Sunday morning.

Some might think having seen this face before> correct! King Harald was in Singapore till last September.

Has he changed since? ......Well not really, but judge yourself:

..........face: a few more wrinkles ( but that's normal with a stressful lifestyle); maybe a bit closer to full moon (well, Mum is cooking again...)

.........this thing around the waist (he said he's hiding the match ball for the European Soccer it will disappear soon)

The rest: Still smoking, maybe some Tigers, and there are still "Stupid Kangaroos" around.

Anyway welcome back King and enjoy your stay!

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