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May 8, 2008

1st Anniversary of Erich’s Wuerstelstand Blog

A few days late with this post due to computer problems but I finally managed to get it going again! Here’s the blog story:
It was a fun night out end of April 2007 at the Wuerstelstand. We actually had a farewell party for our Austrian Kathy who was about to leave us for another job assignment this time unfortunately based in Dubai.
Where else to celebrate for this “Stammtisch” crowd as at Erich’s with lots of delicious sausages, Leberkaese (meat loaf), the tasty onion bread, Semmel and Pretzels . To add liquid we ordered the best and freshest fruit juices in town from Stanely the neighbor stall and last but probably the most important ingredient to a successful party “Erdinger Weissbier” from the Thai coffee shop.
It was a perfect night besides the thought of Kathi leaving Singapore. But as an Expat you see so many people come and go, so many welcome and farewell parties that you lose count.
And suddenly we found us in midst of a discussion how to stay in contact with the ones that left Singapore, how to spread all the gossip and ramblings, to keep them updated about events, happenings, changes and so forth. But also for people in Singapore it would be nice to keep informed about things not always told in news or papers.
The idea of a website was born!!! We knew it wouldn’t be easy since it was only a niche and mainly insiders would be interested in our postings. However we tried to diversify and wrote various stories from outside the Chinatown Night Market and Erich’s. It was great to see the very positive responds.
After 130 (!!) postings and 5500 visitors – which exceeded our expectations by far- we are very proud of our product and will try to bring you more interesting posts.
Thank you all so much for your blog and Wuerstelstand visits as well.
Anything you think we should cover please let us know.

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  1. That looks frickkin delish!!!
    Lovelovelove german food!