WS K88

WS K88
Erich's new place where different things will happen, but still the center of the universe and the navel of the world

Jun 9, 2013

Erich is back in business !!!

After only a few days of break renovating the new kiosk Erich is back and kicking. Not only more spacious but also covered is his new Wuerstelstand. 

No more excuses to stay home when it's raining or you're too tired because there is seating now as well. 
And no need to search for your beer or other drinks. Next to Erich a stall is selling liquids!
Isn't that fabulous news for sausage, meatloaf, 

pretzel, bread or onion bun lovers?

What are you waiting for? Get out of your lazy boys and visit Erich at his new location:
Blk 5 Banda Str, the K88 Coffehouse behind the stage in Chinatown! You can't miss it!
Soon Erich will offer his famous potato salad too!

Are you on your way yet? Cool, see you at Erich's!

I'm salivating now, I gotta go!

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