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WS K88
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Dec 7, 2012


Its the time of the year again,where the days get shorter,the weather gets colder and everyone drink Gluehwein- at least in the northern places of Europe.
For Singapore there is not much change in seasons - exept for all the Christmas lights and decorations flooding Orchard Road.
Oh stop! I forgot there is another place where the feeling of Christmas is in the air.
Erich's WUERSTELSTAND in chinatown.
As a matter of tradition 1st. Advent is celebrated with good friends and a few drinks. this year the 1st.Advent party was held on its eve. Being a Saturday it suited best to have the next day to rest and relax- at least for the participants and not so much for Erich- who relaxes everyday :)
 Ho,Ho,Ho, here comes the fun......



"DomDoms" very unique Advent Calener- he is allowed only one "Blech" a day- if he can find the correct number:)

HoHoHo better be good.......
and have a happy Xmas season

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