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Jun 16, 2012

The Sausage War is Over!

Austria and Slovenia finally find a solution in the cheese sausage war!

Austria and Slovenia came to a compromise in their quarrel about the name of a very specific sausage: the Kaese Krainer (cheese sausage). Slovenia files the name " Kranjska Klobasa" with the European Patent Office and Austria can continue to use the names : "Krainer resp. Kaese Krainer".
Both parties are very happy with the outcome.
This dispute about the name of "just" a sausage found a media uproar in both countries. Even international media reported in their newspapers.
This sausage is probably the most popular sausage besides Frankfurter in Austria and banning to use the name could have been a financial disaster for the parties concerned such as Sausage Kiosks, Restaurants and butchers.
Slovenia wanted to patent that name because the origin of the sausage is in their country however during the Austrian/ Hungarian Monarchy Slovenia was part of the empire however Vienna and the rest of Austria fell in love with that sausage and adjusted the recipe and made this delicacy world famous.
Well we're glad everything came to an happy ending and Erich is able to continue selling the Kaese Krainer at his Wuerstelstand in Singapore's Chinatown!

If you haven't tried that sausage you're missing out on a very palatable Austrian delicacy.
I recommend: Get there now and enjoy! And get a bun or pretzel as well ;)  Enjoy!

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