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Oct 1, 2011

German Imbiss at Suntec City’s Fountain Terrace!

One day you might be browsing the Suntec City Fountain Terrace and see that sign: "GERMAN IMBISS” And somehow you start wondering and associating if this stall has something to do with Singapore’s most famous Wuerstelstand (Sausage Kiosk) in Chinatown, you are not too far off!
Yes, Erich Sollboeck, the owner of Erich's Wuerstelstand, is involved in this new venture as a consultant and the brain behind it.

Frank N. Furter (FNF) interviewed Erich:” What is the idea behind this new project?”
Erich:” The whole idea of “GERMAN IMBISS" is to bring German food to the masses.”
FNF: “ What is the difference between your Wuerstelstand in Chinatown and here?”
Erich: “You cannot compare the ambience in Chinatown to the food court in Suntec. Chinatown is a laid-back, down to earth al fresco night market where my customers are many locals who love the heritage of China and of course a lot of tourists from all over the world. Whereas German Imbiss in the air coned Suntec City Food Courts attracts a different clientele. Especially during lunchtime he court is filled with employees from the surrounding office towers but of course also with shoppers.
FNF:” Any difference in the menu?”  Erich: ” No major differences, some additional things that cannot be offers in the “small kitchen” of a sausage kiosk.
However one thing you can be totally assured is the excellent quality of products offered in both locations. It is the “real thing” , you can get the same products in Germany or Austria since many of the ingredients are flown in from Germany on a regular basis.
You will find a variety of fresh, meaty sausages, meat loaf and tasty Pretzels.”
FNF: “So what can people find on the menu?”
Erich: “ Signature German/Austrian favorites like Bratwurst (pork sausage), Bockwurst (smoked pork sausage), Kaesekrainer (pork cheese sausage), Currywurst (pork curry sausage) and Sauerkraut ( braised white German cabbage salad.
FNF: "That sounds delicious. I’m already salivating!  But how about the costs?”
Erich: ” Have I not mentioned yet that you can enjoy these yummy dishes not exceeding $6! 
A set meal for example with meatloaf, veggies and bread for LESS than $5!!! 
Come see our stall and find out yourself about our bargain dishes. 
And if you happen to be in Chinatown stop by at Erich’s WuersteIstand I will be there and entertain you all.
FnF: “ Thank you Erich and good luck for your ventures." 

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