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WS K88
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Mar 4, 2011

Birthday "boy" HEINZ

To make a surprise visit even more special,Heinz celebrated his birthday at Erich's Wuerstelstand on 1st March.
Everything was planned in secret by Helmut including the yummy Punschschnitten and candles Olga had packed .

Erich had no clue what happen,but decorated the birthday" cake " with the candles-and guss what
forgot to put the stand first- nevermind it worked and 4 wunder candle found their place on the typical Austrian sweet

and now the light up

It really worked - what a surprise
now for the cake presentation ceremony

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEINZ-and many many happy return.

btw- the most number of consecutive birthdays celebrated at Erich's Wuerstelstand stands at
and is held by Reinhard the sailor.

But now back to our current celebration . make a wish and blow.................. the candle

blow harder the flame is still burning

still not hard enough

ok now you did it Heinz
with a little magic even candle burn longer
The cake was super and erich got only a half (because of the rum content) yummy and the other half went to Stanley (who eat anything he can get hold of)

later -Justin and Mr. Tan dropped by for a little chat
Thank you Helmut for the organizing
Thank you Heinz and may we celebrate next year again.

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