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Dec 22, 2009

Christmas Lights: Moderate to "Gone Wild" or Are Christmas lights a ‘crime’?

Every community has at least one: a resident who loves Christmas so much that he'll (and most of the time it's really HE) stop at nothing -- not even astronomical electric bills -- to have the most blinged-out Christmas display in the neighborhood
And soon the race is on. Neighbors are competing who'll set up the best house decoration. But it doesn't stop with DIY there are professional companies that will design, decorate your house and after the season take it down again. This task can cost you a 5 digit sum.

They can be wild, wonky, weird, over-the-top, silly -- who cares?! Well some environmental activists are taking a stand against Christmas light displays, saying they waste energy and create needless greenhouse gas emissions.

Electricity-guzzling light displays don’t symbolize holiday cheer. The “ignorance, waste, and hubris” has made Christmas nothing but a “perverted consumer orgy.”

Nothing marks you out as an eco Scrooge quicker than protesting about non-essential festive lighting. So I refuse to condemn a few tree lights, although there's a lot of truth in the idea that the only really green tree is the one with its roots still in the ground.

So if you really need (for your kids sake) and want to decorate your house at least go as green as possible. And you can take your domestic lighting cue from world-famous showstopping displays. These include New York's famous Rockerfeller Plaza tree, which has embraced LEDs (light-emitting diodes)

Not only will new-style LEDs save you money (and energy), going a step better, convert your outdoor illuminations to solar-powered Christmas fairy lights.
You are, of course, master of your own fortune, because the amount of energy used depends how long you leave them on for.

But for now check out some of these crazy wildly decorated holiday homes

Whoever said that less is more when it comes to the joyful holiday of Christmas and decorating your house with a few strands of lights was dead wrong. There are Crazy Christmas lights and then there are Christmas lights times 20. And these are wildly wacky, bizarre, funny, strange, and crazy:

And to top that all check out this video

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