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Oct 26, 2009

Happy National Day Austria

Today Austria is celebrating its „everlasting neutrality“ which was decided by the Austrian government on 26. October 1955.
It has been the national holiday day since 26. Oktober 1965 and a public holiday since 1967.

Most national days worldwide are related to historical events from the 20 th century. On the one hand that idea of a nation is not very old (ca. End of 18. Century ) on the other hand 2 world wars, the end of colonial supremacy and the fall of the Eastern bloc made arise new states.
One of the oldest national days is celebrated in Switzerland which celebrates the founding of their “Eidgenossenschaft“ on August 1. of 1291!
Their newly founded independence (with just few anniversaries) is celebrated by some Austrian neighbors , the Eastern European countries withe „youngest“ being Kosovo, on February 17. 2008. Slowenia is celebrating since June 25, 1991, as well as Croatia. Bosnia- Herzegowina celebrates March 1 as their day of independence since 1992.
Slovakia honors on January 1, the 1993 performed separation from Czechia. The Czechs however kept their original day of founding Czechoslovacia (October 28. 1918) despite their brake up.
Germans raise their glasses on October 3 the "Tag der Deutschen Einheit" (day of German unity) which is only 19 years old.
The Brits are most flexible: They celebrate the Queens birthday always on the 2. Saturday in June –due to the weather- although Queen Elizabeth II. was born on April 21. The Irish "St. Patricks Day" March 17 honors the obit of the national saint, St. Patrick.
July 4. the "Declaration of Independence" in 1776 is the National Day in the USA.

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