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WS K88
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Apr 17, 2009

Bad Economy but Austrians are "crowding" Chinatown

No one can deny that there is an obvious slump in tourist arrivals however Erich is pleasantly surprised that so many Austrians are visiting him at his Wuerstelstand. Many of them telling that they've seen him on TV or news articles in different papers or magazines. Before their trip they checked Erich's location on our blog to make sure not to miss him and off they flew.

A hint for all future Austrian visitors, whenever you come to Erich don't be shy and tell him which part you're from and he will ring his cowbell and highlight your hometown on his Austrian map!

If you show him a news article where he's been featured you'll make him a happy man and if Erich has enough time he will tell you his stories (Motto: "Erich erklaert die Welt").

So see you at Erich's! Everyone's welcome though, regardless of nationality!

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