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Jan 19, 2009

Erich's Successful Start Into 2009

Erich's Wuerstelstand continues to be the most published sausage kiosk worldwide. German TV station "Das Erste" was the 1st one to visit Erich in the new year followed by "Oberoesterreichische Nachrichten" and more have already announced their visit in the days and month to come.
And the jealousy among the Chinatown kiosks grows the more TV teams, news and magazine reporters show up for video or photo shootings. Many are asking: " Why such a big hoohah about this guy? He's just selling ordinary sausages!"

First of all, Erich's sausages and bread are far away from being ordinary! His products are of best quality ingredients and highest processing standards.
Secondly, Erich is not complaining about bad economy or less visitors all the time. He tries to be creative in changing his and the kiosk's looks according to seasons or events to attract more customers to try his products and so far his concept worked well.
Thirdly it's not only Erich who is benefiting from this media hype about him. Since his kiosk is in midst of Chinatown and CT is always mentioned as well in the stories people have to walk through the narrow lanes there to get to Erich so it's a win win situation for all.

To read the whole OON Report (in German only) just click the picture blow.
Or check out OON itself

Im Schmelztiegel zwischen Bosna und Frühlingsrolle

You haven't been at Erich's lately, how come? You should get there now. The Chinese New Year Market is still on till Jan. 23. No need to be afraid of crowds, it's not that bad and after all that is part of visiting a vibrant market, isn't it?

Hungry and thirsty after strolling around there's Erich's Wuerstelstand and Stanley's Fruit Juice Bar to satisfy your desires and re energize your body.

And don't forget to "take away" some bread (Semmel, Bretzel, Multi grain, Onion bread, etc.) for your next breakfast or meal.
It's worth going there, honestly! See you soon!

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